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Training health care workers to improve surgical care for everyone in the world

Our courses

Burn Care

Comprehensive training on acute burn care and scar management. Our sessions are interactive and blend theory with hands-on skill application.
To Burn Care

Open Fractures

Get vital skills in open fracture management. Learn how to perform a combined orthoplastic approach and receive hands-on training with external fixators.
To Open Fractures

Local Flaps

This ‘back to basics’ course covers the essentials of plastic surgery techniques on how to treat soft tissue defects with local flaps.
To Local Flaps
About our courses

Practical courses that teach universal treatment principles

Our courses are for healthcare professionals in one of our major topics. It is designed to strengthen your teamwork and help you understand each other’s roles in supporting patients’ needs.

All healthcare workers who are members of a team treating patients, such as registered nurses, clinical officers and doctors, are welcome to join.
Three surgeons in an ER room

Developed by specialists

Medical experts from around the world – including doctors, surgeons, nurses, plastic surgeons, physiotherapist and patients from high-income settings and resource-limited settings – have developed these courses so that you can learn proven techniques that work for you wherever you are.

A sustainable and scalable training model

Originally developed as an alternative for short-term surgical missions, we experienced that the basics of global surgery model is applicable in many settings. Settings are different but principles are the same. We are working towards a ‘train the trainer’ model that makes it possible for other surgical organizations and societies to use the materials and courses as building blocks in their own training programs.

Tested in 5 countries

To make sure our courses meet your needs, we tested the course material in various local settings around the world:

Haydom Lutheran Hospital, Haydom, Tanzania. Kiruddu Hospital, Kampala, Uganda. Friendship Training Center, Gaibandha, Bangladesh. Masanga Hospital, Masanga, Sierra Leone. Amsterdam Skills Centre, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
We want to improve surgical care worldwide by increasing global surgical capacity worldwide

Upcoming courses

Find your course in the list below. If you have been invited to join a course, you can register on the course page with your personal registration code.
September 6, 2024

Amsterdam Skills Centre

Provided by Global Surgery Amsterdam
October 8, 2024

Congress for European Surgery

Provided by Congress for European Surgery
January 10, 2025

Back to Basics Flaps Course

Provided by Amsterdam University Medical Centrum & Global Surgery Amsterdam

One world one standard of care

Our courses provide a standardized way to teach health care workers the basics of surgical care, applicable in every setting.

We focus on the basics because the more experienced you become in your career, the better you will understand that those who correctly apply the basic treatment principles are the best surgeons.

If you are interested to collaborate with us and to explore options to organise a course in you own setting, please contact us at: